After maybe three hours of dancing in the basement of Camera Club, I was excitedly awaiting for the evening’s main performer to begin her set. IAMDDB hails from Manchester, UK and really knows how to entice a crowd. When she first sauntered onstage in her red puffer jacket and black sunglasses, My firstt hought was, Oh, okay. So this is what confidence looks like. She eventually did take off the jacket, but the shades stayed on the whole night.

With a demeanor as cool as the crisp Viennese autumn air, IAMDDB began her set with “Shade,” a song that is transfixing, yet nevertheless fun to dance to. When that came to an end, she thanked the audience for their warm welcome by opening a bottle of Hennessy and handing it to the crowd. “Sharing is caring, y’all! Have a blast!”

The only characteristic more apparent than IAMDDB’s swagger is her humility. Throughout her performance, she couldn’t stop thanking the crowd for making her first trip to Vienna so wonderful. She was shocked when people knew about her latest music video with the digital music magazine Colors Berlin.

Although her lyrics may not be the most profound or poetic, her charisma and delivery compensate for anything her actual words may lack. Her occasional falsettos are also a welcome contrast to her bass-heavy jams. With production that was meticulously crafted to suit her crooning voice, IAMDDB is definitely a force to be reckoned with, especially now that female rappers are garnering massive followings in a traditionally male-dominated genre.

All told, the concert was fantastic and IAMDDB has won herself a new fan. In case you missed her show, I have a bit of good news. IAMDDB will be returning to Vienna, opening for Bryson Tiller at Gasometer, on Tuesday, November 14. If you get the chance, this humble senior suggests you go. Heck, it’s worth it just to hear her perform “Running” again. Absolute banger.

I leave you now with this question: How can you tell someone is cool? If they wear sunglasses and a Canada Goose parka inside of a club without so much as a hint of irony. IAMDDB is very cool.

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