It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single student in possession of free time, must be in want of an extracurricular activity. Here at AIS we have more than 30 clubs and activities, not including sports. Sometimes, in the presence of so many choices, it is hard for students to decide what activity would truly be worth their time. Therefore, KSN will examine all clubs and activities and present students with the five most wanted clubs of the month. The five clubs represented in this article are not listed in any specific order of preference. So please enjoy and check out KSN next month for the new five most wanted clubs.

P.S. No bribes were accepted in the making of this article.

Knowledge Bowl

img_6167What theory for the origin of the universe suggests that all matter was once concentrated in a single unstable mass?

This club’s first meeting was in the second week of October. There were probably more people at that one meeting than some clubs get in a month. Knowledge is not just power, it is also fun. Every meeting, the students are able to participate in practice rounds of Knowledge Bowl questions about a multitude of topics such as Science, History (ancient and modern), Literature, Art, Music and, of course, Mathematics. Ms. Pappas, the advisor of this club, chooses the two teams who get to travel to the CEESA tournament in February. This year’s tournament will be in Zagreb, Croatia.

For more information contact Ms. Pappas and Ms. Krassnig (HS Biology).

Answer to the Question: the Big Bang Theory.

Film Club

“The only club in the History of AIS to get three strikes in one year.”

Have you ever dreamed of being a movie star, but did not make it into the school play? Is your dream to direct an award winning picture or write an Oscar-worthy script, but your English teacher doubts your abilities? Then Film Club is the club for you. Their mission is often to make the high-school assemblies a bit “less boring”. This club halted its work for some time last year due to a change in leadership, this year it is up and running with multiple projects going on. Not only can you get hands-on experience of filming, directing and editing, you also get to have fun while doing it.

Check out their YouTube Channel for some of their movies.

For more information contact the club leaders, Arne Rosenberg (12) and Abigail Sepich (12).

Limbs Club

No, limbs is not an acronym for something else. It means what it says: limbs as in part of the human body. Founded in March of last year, this service club already has achieved amazing things. Their focus is on providing people who have lost limbs and cannot afford prosthetic limbs, so that they will be able to return to their normal lives. They have donated five prosthetic legs in just four months of operating. This club is also well known for the vegan and gluten free baked goods that can be found at one of their many bake sales.

For more information contact Amina Frassl (12).

Speech and Debate Club

img_3310It does not matter if you are a public-speaking virtuoso or if you feel like peeing your pants every time you have to talk in front of a crowd; this club accommodates all levels of public-speaking skills. Our school’s team has been known to bring medals (often gold ones) from when they participate in the NESDA competitions all over Europe. This club’s awesomeness comes not only from the fact that they win pretty much every damn time, but also from the intellectually stimulating atmosphere of the club. One can often observe students debating about topics such as pharmaceuticals, civil disobedience and capital punishment. Doesn’t that sound fun? However, this club is not only about debating, but about acting skills too. Students get a chance to participate in events like debate, impromptu speaking, as well as duet acting, original oratory and oral interpretation. The fall tournament will be in Brussels, Belgium and the spring one will be in Cairo, Egypt. The practices are after school, and thus require time and commitment. However, what students get out of it are skills that are useful all throughout life.

Check out an article about two student’s experience with NESDA. Also check out the footage from the tournament that was hosted at our school in the fall season of last year.

For more information contact Ms. Forbes (ES 5th Grade) or Ms. Rowland (HS Math).

Creative Writing Club a.k.a. Human Writes Group

Founded in 2014, this club has been a constant presence in the ‘Creative Writing’ scene of the school. The members of the club, at one point, decided that they wanted to share their appreciation of writing with the whole school and to encourage other students to partake in it. Consequently, they hosted a Creative Writing competition, which then became an annual competition, where students could submit their works and receive prizes. The achievements of the club do not end there. They also participate in the NaNoWriMo competition every November, where students get a chance to race against time to write a novel in only 30 days. Finally, this club also is working on putting together their first ever Literary Journal that will contain all of the submissions from the last year’s Creative Writing Competition and original student illustrations.

Check out some of the stories and poems written by this club on our website under the tag Creative Writing.

For more information contact Davis Davidson (12) or Ms. Edmunds (HS English).14361261_1294822350530670_8052150267124629910_o

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