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Disclaimer: This article is intended for comedic relief and not to offend anyone.

1) If you ever jumped out of a window for answering “natural disasters”


2) If over half of your 10th grade essays have ‘vague’ scribbled all over them


3) If you ever won a brownie point for winning an argument


4) If you know that ‘Q’ is not just a letter


5) If you ever left your phone in the love nest


6) If you can recite Stalin’s quote ‘we are fifty to a hundred years behind…’ and have a copy of it in your walletcommunist-party-tees

7) If you ever had to use a ring finger to ask to go to the loo

8) If you were memorized the German colony ‘tsingtao’ by associating it with a beer company, and the Austrian general “Tegethoff” by thinking of what exotic dancers do in special clubs0033544944050_a1l1_itemmaster_type_large

9) If you were told that the ball is not a poo poo and you’re not a fly

10) If you have bought one or more (let’s be honest it was always more) of Seniora’s quesadillas in lab block

11) If you ever turned in a bio lab, and had it returned only 2 months later

12) If your teachers always mixed up moodle and haiku

13) If you were told to not sit in a back seat because it had bad juju

14) When you still don’t know what short answer format is


15) When the senior hallway becomes a Disco in the morning (thank you Mr. Dorton for brightening our day with your music)


16) If your grade is often referred to as “the children of the corn”


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