Are you having difficulty in school? Do you seem to be advancing in extracurriculars, and not in your actual school work? Is it hard balancing your time between school and extracurricular activities? Here’s a little advice that might help you on your way, from some of AIS’ very own athletes.

We are very privileged to have an amazing events office, which helps coordinate all the sports teams within our school. Although, since we are attending an international school, sports isn’t the only competitive thing students have to deal with; education is just as competitive, if not more. Most students have a hard time learning how to balance their time between school and sports, to make sure they shine in both.

When asking AIS sports team members how their grades are in school, most seemed to reply with, “yeah…they’re okay”. Making sure that they focus as much time practicing soccer skills as math skills can be a difficult task to acquire.

Eddie Bayer, Junior Varsity Soccer player, said, “Managing time between homework and sports can be hard, but once you get used to your sports schedule, you know what to do to make sure your work is done.” Although this is easier said than done, you need to make sure you are just as prepared for your next chemistry test as you are with your next soccer game. “You need to know what your priorities are, and make sure you achieve them before anything else” says Eddie.

Eddie isn’t the only one who needed to learn how to do this. Most AIS Students are involved in sports, and need to learn where to set their priorities. The main motivation of the athletes is academic probation. Athletes, and others attending activities, are prohibited from travelling if there is an F or two D’s present on their report cards. While travelling is one of the most exciting parts of attending a sports team, it is imperative their grades come first.

If you are planning on trying out for a sport anytime soon, make sure that your grades come first. Education is most important, and everything else follows. It is easy to fall behind, but even harder to get back on track.

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