What is a “Hater”? Haters are thought of as obnoxious and arrogant people, those who should abide by the saying, “Those who have nothing nice to say shouldn’t say anything at all.” However, they are still humans and their voices deserve to be heard. Their opinions are key to understanding the diverse high school community that AIS prides itself to contain.


In search of answers, I went to the haters themselves to ask some questions. They were surprisingly very open, especially about topics such as school.  When asked, “what do you think about school overall?” the answers were unanimously negative, with varying degrees of hatred towards AIS. They ranged from, “school is sometimes hell, but it can be interesting”, to, “It can be crap” and even, “Who made this sh**t?” Some reasoned, “There is no point of it. Bill Gates went out of school and is rich. Tony Hawk skipped school and now he is rich too” and “there is too much homework. High school students need sleep!” The most inane response I heard was, “I don’t like it because we get a lot of homework and the teachers are unfair sometimes.”


Another topic that students complained about were the passion, or lack thereof, that their teachers had. “Are the teachers unfair or do they just not pay attention to students?” asked one. There are some sources said, “Sometimes I don’t know why I ask them anything. Teachers don’t pay attention to students and that really annoys me. They don’t give a f**k about you.” Others mention, “I don’t blame them because they want their money. What’s the point of teaching if they don’t get money?”


The third question I asked people was “If you had a choice of not going to school would you?” and most of them said, “H*ll no, I definitely wouldn’t” or “Depends on whether my parents are rich enough, so I can live with their money.”


The last question I asked was whether or not they really hated school. I received answers such as, “I hate school because some teachers really don’t try” and “obviously I mean I want to focus on one subject not on ten but that’s what college is for”.  Happily there are still students who say, “No, because you hang out with people every single f**king day” a somewhat vulgar but at least enthusiastic attitude. One of the prevailing attitudes seemed to be, “No, school is made full of human beings, but it’s ridiculous. People became rich without going to school and everyone wants to be rich.”


Overall I think that we should not turn our backs to those people because they are basically stating their own opinion. We should respect it and not judge their thoughts.

– Plamena Karadanova

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