It’s not every day that high school soccer players can say they felt like they were playing in the World Cup. However, such an idea might come with a sting to the JV soccer players, as they relived the merciless defeat of Brazil at the hands of Germany in the World Cup semi-final. The valiant JV team was no match for Frankfurt as they, even worse than their tragic Brazilian counterparts, lost 7-0 to Frankfurt International School. AIS’ coach, Simon Wright, summed up the burning defeat with exasperation: “The players were too nice to the opponents.”

The game started with passion and enthusiasm from the home team; however, it was FIS who controlled the match from the beginning as they scored their first goal within ten minutes of the opening whistle. Coach Wright tried to rotate players after they conceded two goals, but it didn’t seem to work. He was so frustrated by AIS inability to score even a single goal that his initial cry of, “What am I doing here?” turned into a phrase heard throughout the game.

The boys were more determined to fight back in the second half, but it seemed as if AIS just couldn’t do anything right. “Our players couldn’t pass twice in a row,” remarked Wright. He instituted an unusual 5-2-2-1 formation in order to strengthen the team’s weak defense, but the result proved disastrous. After the game he commented, “I was frustrated that people couldn’t win a single tackle.”

As the final whistle blew, signaling an embarrassing defeat, AIS’ players walked off the pitch looking shell-shocked. If this game is any indicator of how the rest of the season will pan out, the JV boys’ soccer team is in for a rough season and SCIS tournament. Both the players and the coach should think thoroughly how to avoid this sort of humiliation in the future.

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  • Bdietderich

    Nice sum up of what happened Jay! I like the short style of commentary of sports. Hopefully we can see more sport article like these in the future and less losses :/