Vladimir Putin has just completed a live-stream news conference where the people asked candid questions concerning all the aspects of problems nowadays, which raised numerous controversy and endless discussions. Most of the questions posed were about the now arisen crisis in Ukraine. Below can be found some of the highlights of President Putin’s answers.

When faced with one of the most burning questions about Russian forces in Ukraine he answered explaining, “There are no Russian Federation armed forces, no special agents or instructors interference with what happens in the East of Ukraine. The best proof of this is that the people quite literary took the masks off.”

One of the questions about the USA was: “Why no one punishes America, but they want to punish us?” to which Russian President answered, “The world is becoming unipolar, but now it’s going to change.” Edward Snowden, who proposed the theme of governmental surveillance, provided another connection with USA.sno7 Vladimir Putin answered Snowden’s question providing that in his country there are no citizen surveillance, except in individual cases, since the law forbids such engagements and the finances of the country cannot support this kind of system. Recently Edward Snowden published an article explaining that his involvement in this live stream was not as a supporter of Russian actions, but as to criticizer. He wrote, “In fact, Putin’s response was remarkably similar to Barack Obama’s initial…before that position was later shown to be both untrue and indefensible.” Edward Snowden also critiqued the QA marathon itself, “I expected that some would object to my participation in an annual forum that is largely comprised of softball questions to a leader unaccustomed to being challenged.”

Russian President remarked, “ It is only possible to reach stability in Ukraine through dialog, through democratic measures and not through the use of armed forces, tanks and aviation.” When asked is it possible for the USA and Russia to reach compromise on the Ukrainian question, he answered that “… a compromise should not be achieved by third parties, it should be achieved between the different political powers inside the Ukraine.”

He also wants “Ukraine to come to understand that Russia had no other options on dealing with Crimean crisis.” It was obvious that Mr. Putin has noticed the way Russian Federation has been accredited as a non-Democratic government, so he stated, “People have their own views about the way they want to build their futures, their fates. And is it not a true democratic manifestation to let the people do what they want to do and believe is right for them?”

Putin then passionately described what is happening in the East of Ukraine. “They [government] all say that people in the East should lay down their weapons. I say they [government] should pull back the army out of the Eastern regions. Who are you pulling the cannons against? Are you all out of your minds? You have armed aviation up in the air… and the legions of nationalists are still armed.”

He also commented on his amazement about the actions of NATO general secretary Mr. Rasmussen who asked for a meeting with theRussian President and then recorded their talk. Later he published the recording in the press. Mr. Putin asked a rhetorical question after describing the incident, “What kind of trust can we form after this kind of incident?” NATO’s name was actually then repeated by General Director of Russian Today, Dmitry Kiselev. Mr. Kiselev told Mr. Putin, “I feel like I am being strangled and I think its NATO. It grows like a cancer cell… Where is the red line of expansion of NATO?” to which President Putin answered, “We can strangle anyone ourselves, why are you so afraid? I have no fear.” Quite powerful message by Putin about “strangling” did sound a bit aggressive the way it was said, although it was meant as a joke. He then added that, “It was promised that NATO will not continue to the East after the unification of Germany, but it still did…When the block gets closer to our region, it drives us to react.”

Mr. Putin also observed the world politics, “The desire to separate Russia and Ukraine to rip apart unified nations has been for centuries and still is the subject of international politics.” It is widely known that Russia has not been in favor of the soon-to-be Presidential elections, and Mr. Putin gave a reason why, “In consideration with the now active Constitution a new president cannot be elected until the present, able, legitimate president is alive.” Mrs. Hakamada then went on to ask Mr. Putin about USA’s proposal of 1 billion dollars as a financial aid package to Ukraine and continued to say that this package was to be traded for earliest possible presidential elections in Ukraine. It is no secret that USA desires the elections to be held in Ukraine before the referendum. USA company Associated Press blacked off during this conversation and went back on after he was finished.

Many of those who are afraid that Putin is shooting for life-long presidency can be at peace now, for when Mr. Putin was asked about staying President until death he simply said, “No, I will not stay president.” He did indeed serve as President for quite a long time and many have suggested that his time as the head of the government was up, but some countries just need an iron fist to stay in shape.

At the end of the live stream question-answer marathon, Mr. Putin read some of the questions that were sent to him by children. There was a specifically light and positive (in a way) question by a six years old girl, “Do you think that if you were drowning Obama would save you?” to which Mr. Putin answered that President that Obama is very intelligent and compassionate man and he hopes that Obama would save him. But as they say, hope breeds eternal misery, I believe that goes both ways.

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