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For an unedcuated viewer, WWE wrestling, raises a lot of questions. How fake is it? Are they actually hitting each other? Is there any storyline behind? Today, KSN will review a new sport that is getting worldwide attention.

restling itself is a sport that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome (perhaps even earlier), but World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is completely different. Yes, they do grab each other and throw each other in different area03_HBKRef_SS97s of the ring, but at the end of the day this is not actual wrestling (you can watch actual wrestling in the summer olympics).

In my country, Iran, we love to wrestle. We will wrestle in any place including restaurants, movie theaters and mosques (Okay maybe not mosques). I grew up in a wrestling culture but when I started watching WWE I knew the whole concept was not wrestling in any way, but instead just entertainment. WWE wrestlers are really actors rather than athletes. Obviously, I’m not saying that these wrestlers cannot throw a punch, of course they can, but wrestlers in WWE have other abilities they constantly use to entertain people. Abilities like yelling as loud as they can into a microphone, or acting like they never expected a punch when in reality they knew all along it was coming, and of course the occasional dancing, otherwise known as showboating.

There is a always a storyline built around the matches. In other words, the wrestlers know who will win or lose before the fight even starts. Weeks before a fight, wrestlers practice with their opponent as best they can to make a more entertaining and profitable fight for the audience. If more viewers watch the match, the fight will go higher in the rankings and wrestlers are rewarded with more cash. So essentially, their main goal is to make the fight look as real and entertaining as possible, all for more money and fame.

3 Ways the WWE make their fight seem “more real”

1. The first is the referees who act as choreographers, controlling the action in the ring. Because they know who the winner and loser is supposed to be before the match, and because there

are too many moves for wrestlers to memorize, referees help the wrestlers to remember their moves second by second.

2. Blood is another way WWE fools the audience into thinking the match is real. I am not saying this is not actual blood, it definitely is. Yes, these wrestlers are actually bleeding (great, isn’t it?), but they are not bleeding because of the damage inflicted from the other wrestler’s punch or getting smacked on the head by a steel chair. The reason for the bleeding is because of a small tack (you can see it in the picture), which wrestlers use to cut their forehead, after which there will be lots of audience-pleasing blood spouting everywhere.

3. The last illusion is the RING. The WWE ring is made by a specific wood that goes boom when the wrestler slams an opponent to the floor. And to turn that boom into a BOOOOM, each WWE ring is fitted with an underground microphone that amplifies the sound to twice its normal sound for each body slam.

In WWE, more blood, means higher profit margins!

In WWE, more blood, means higher profit margins!


This is a tack a WWE fighter uses on his opponents forehead to ensure the audience sees some blood.

This is a tack a WWE fighter uses on his opponents forehead to ensure the audience sees some blood.











WWE is considered a fake sport by many but at the end of the day, because of the variety in matches,  this TV show ranks as one of the top sport programs around the world. Where else can you see someone buried alive, falling from a 7 meter high cage, or if you’re lucky, getting slammed by a car? Nowhere except WWE! Monday through Friday, at the click of the remote, it’s all there for you. So enjoy watching our society’s version of the ancient gladiators. Just remember, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, where rational people might just think a little less of you.

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