We all have been waiting for this, and now that it is here we are even more excited.
Winter Olympics of 2014 are finally here. The grand opening ceremony was held in Sochi’s Fisht Olympic Stadium. It was designed and produced by Andrey Boltenko, a creative mastermind behind the opening ceremony. As an ancient tradition each country takes it turn to appear on the podium with it’s team and flag. This year the tradition took a twist, having the teams appear in the alphabet order of the Cyrillic alphabet instead of the latin one. On of the most astonishing performances was the dance routine that summarized the history of Russia, with scenes including: the reign of Peter I, the Revolution, the era of communism, and the first ball of Natalia Rostova (a famous character from Leo’s Tolstoy War and Peace novels). The light installations and decorative statues of sportsmen floating in the air to whole islands portraying a wide range of Russian landscapes were breath taking and took the dancers performance to a whole other level. Of course Russian Olympics wouldn’t be truly Russian, without the accompaniment of classical music of Tchaikovsky  and the Bear mascot. The Olympic hymn was sang by the world renowned opera singer Anna Netrebko, accompanied by a man chorus. Her singing, which is said to be one of the best in the world, did send chills down everyone’s spines. The coaches, the athletes and the judges all took the traditional oaths and then the Olympic fire began it’s procession towards it’s pedestal.

Maria Sharapova, a famous, gold winning tennis player was the fist to partake the honor of carrying the Olympic flame. She then passed it to a range of other world famous Russian athletes. The final pair that took the honor to lit the Olympic fire consisted of 3 times Olympic gold medalist for figure skating Irina Rodnina and 3 timed Olympic gold medalist for hockey, goalie Vladislav Tretyak. They lit as the fire travelled up the pedestal, an infinite amount of fireworks exploded in the air creating a stunning and magnificent show in the sky above the stadium. Vladimir Putin announced the games open and the whole city of Sochi burst into celebrations. These Olympic games (that have already broken the world record amount of money spent on any Olympics) will go down in history.

Of course there were mishaps and problems, scandals and issues. However, a sports event like the Olympics that celebrates the abilities of humans to go beyond their limits should not be turned into a political struggle or a way to make statements. This is a platform to celebrate life, cooperation and the athletes. Therefore let us enjoy these wonderful weeks of sports, fun and even more memorable moments.

In case you want to track the Olympic tournaments, winners, schedules and other information about the games you can download an app for Iphones called “Sochi 2014”.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

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