Written by Alina Simoyan and Shirin Ershanova

«You can’t sit with us Natasha


At glance you can tell beforehand if a teen is American or Russian. There is a big difference between these two cultures and consequently between their teenagers. We can compare and contrast all of the aspects of teenagers in both countries and clearly see that there is a huge difference that is impossible not to notice. For example, Russian teenager girls do not leave their house without heels on and finished make-up while American teens do not really care about it .Their styles are completely different because Russians are more elegant, while Americans are more casual.

Russian teenagers are more friendly but also more brutal compared to American teenagers. The graduation process of both cultures is also completely different.


«Молодежь» is the Russian word for  “Youth”.  Russians and Americans have not only different language but also they are mentally different and have diverse cultures.

When a Russian girl wakes up in the morning, her first job is to get herself pretty. She literally is not going to go out of her house without any make-up on. The other important aspect of her look should be the heels.Russian teenagers HAVE to wear heels, because a typical girl should wear heels in Russian understanding. It is not like American teenagers, who wear heels only for special occasions, or even not wear them at all.


Compared to American girls who care about inside more that the outside Russian girls think that the opposite way. Another aspect that differs these two cultures, is the way how Russian and American teenagers behave themselves with friends. When you first meet a Russian girl/boy, you may think that he/she is arrogant or not friendly at all. But as you get to know them closer, and get into their company, they will become your best friend forever, who will be loyal to you and never stab you in the back. With Americans it is completely different. When you first meet an American girl/boy, they may seem very friendly and nice. As you get closer with them, you can never be certain if the person will be loyal to you, or if  he/she will not be double-faced or your friend at all.



Russians don’t like to be hypocritical. If they do not like the person they are not going to be nice with him; but if they do, they become very loyal and are always ready to help whenever this person needs their help. Russian teenagers are very compassionate and if they are friends with someone, nothing can ruin their friendship. They call their friends brother and sister. „We have different parents but it doesn’t mean we are not sisters“- say Russian teenagers.




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