The increase of violence and life-like graphics over the past few years have led children, unknowingly, to be influenced negatively by video games, according to research and exclusive interviews with AIS middle school students and Faculty.

In today’s technological twenty-first century world, it’s no surprise that children come face to face with video games 12GAME-articleLargeregularly. Let’s start with the facts:  according to middle school students at AIS, out of the 20 students that were interviewed, 100% said to have played violent video games. Even more disturbing, all 95% said to have played a video game inappropriate for their age (i.e.  R-rated games). The fact that children are being influenced by these violent games is undeniable, but to what extent does it impact them?

A common made judgment is that violent video games provokes aggressive behavior in children. But does it? It’s a frequent question asked in the world of gaming, especially after the recent shootings in America. However, according to several studies done by researchers, the idea that violence in games causes aggressive behavior in children can be discarded. in fact, according to recent FBI statistics, youth violence has declined as video game popularity increased.

Then how does it impact them?

The influences the exposure of these games creates on children are controversial. The idea that it makes them aggressive can be neglected, however, according to Mr. Marinucci, middle school drama teacher, the constant exposure of bloodshed and brutality makes children “immune to violence”. He believes children are becoming more and more vulnerable to the violence displayed in the increasing numbers of video games. Middle school principle and counselor project similar views, adding on a short term cause that it causes students to “suffer from sleep deprivations, often coming into school looking drowsy from playing video games late into the night.

The interviews that were conducted with students themselves revealed surprising results. Although most students admitted to playing aggressive video games, their own opinions on whether it affected them differed from the teacher’s point of view. None of them believe they are affected negatively by their “addiction” to violence. Most students confessed to play video games more than 5 hours a week, two reaching up to a shocking 15 hours a week. Up to 70% even said to have occasionally not been able to complete their homework due to excessive game playing.

We can all agree that parents are the best judges in determining what is right for their children. Yet then why is it that they expose their children to violence at a young age? In fact, for most students, it was their parents who bough bought the violent video games for them. It seems there is no effort being made to avoid this youth disturbance. Although several ideas have been brought up within our research, there are currently no concrete answers to solve this growing problem.

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  • Erich

    Hello, Great article you wrote Annega! I just wanted to say a few things. First, I personally believe that effects of violent video games are dependent on the person. There probably are children who can’t get any homework done due to video games, but on the other hand, there can also be people who do perfectly fine in school, while playing violent 18+ games. I have played violent video games in the past, and I don’t think that it changed my behavior at all, I even get angry if someone kills an insect for fun. but it did change my tolerance to violence. If I were to see a something dangerous happening today, i would be less scared then i would have been before playing video games! -Erich Shan