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The AIS Vienna Elementary Schoolers Come Down with Dreaded Dot Disease

International Dot Day 2013

International Dot Day happened on Thursday, September 26th in the elementary school, which was filled with plenty of dots and smiling faces. Most people don’t know what Dot Day means, but it is a special time for elementary students all around our school.  Students and teachers alike run around the school covered in dots. The children with the most dots “win”.In our school, children are taught to be proud of what they do. The teachers try as hard as they can to make sure each and every child’s self esteem is very high.  Being able to let people know they are special with just a single dot makes any child or teacher excited.

But where did this all begin? It started with a book called The Dot written by Peter H. Reynolds, which is the first of his three books dedicated to childhood creativity. The story is about an elementary school student named Vashti, who thinks she can’t draw and doesn’t believe in herself. When her art teacher tells her to stamp a dot of frustration onto the paper, Vashti learns to make her mark and be proud of it.

This is why the dots are taken to a whole new level on Dot Day, whether it be with stickers, polka dot clothes, or connect the dot activities.

When asked about her opinion on Dot Day, elementary school principal Sacha McVean said,

International dot day was the fantastic first demonstration of AIS school spirit – we are looking forward to many more!”

As they say, a dot a day keeps the doctor away. Especially on International Dot Day when no child wants to stay home sick from school and miss out on the fun.

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