Overcoming fears on the ropes course

The tenth grade retreat was a trip to learn new people and step out of your comfort zone. On this year’s sophomore trip to Schladming every student overcame their fears on the ropes course. Not only their fear of heights, but also overcoming the obstacles of trust.

The adventure started on Thursday morning, when they arrived at the location. With no time to spare, they were assigned partPicture1ners to climb with, most of whom they weren’t friends with. With most of the students having to climb with people they didn’t know very well, they entered the course anxiously.

At first, fear could be seen among the climbers, finding it difficult to trust their partners, especially the groups that entered the black course. Students were concentrated and found it difficult at first.

As time passed by, and most students had already overcome their fear of heights, tension loosened among the climbers, and partners seemed to have a lot more trust in each other. The obstacles of trust were no longer a problem as partners got to know each other.

The ropes course session ended well, with no fatalities, and everyone joined back together as a group. They set off to the hotel they were staying at by bus, which was full of excited voices telling their stories to their friends.

With no more issues of trust, the retreat continues increasing the students friendship with each other through various teambuilding activities, and by the end of the retreat, everyone had gotten to know one another.



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