The atmosphere of the gym was tense. Candidates nervously shuffled papers as voters chatted amongst themselves, speculating the outcome of the night’s events. It was time for the most important event in 11th grade history. After days of anticipation the Junior year elections were finally taking place. Excitement was in the air. Polls indicated a clear lead for the Austrian candidates, as Austrians make up more than half the Junior grade, yet competition was tough, with all seven candidates capable and determined.IMG_5254

The candidates for president/student affairs officer were Mozn Al-Hinai, AIS student council veteran who had been on the student council for the past two years, Sebastian “Seb” Steinberger, the first-time candidate who entered elections with huge support from the the male demographic, and Berenike Buhl, the ambitious candidate with high hopes. All three prepared excellent speeches, outlining their plans and ideas for the upcoming year if elected. Ultimately Seb emerged victorious as the junior class’ new president.

The race for activities manager was between Beatrice “Bea” Lansbergen? and Rachel Engelberg. The two girls are friends, creating a rather tense atmosphere as elections progressed. They both campaigned hard, and delivered exceptional speeches, but when the results were announced the following morning, it was Rachel who had taken the the position.

Both Tobias Ehrlich and Antonia Koffler won by default, as there was hardly any chance that they would get less than 50% of the vote. However, Herr Prosinger, student politics pundit and avid pear tree enthusiast brought up what is perhaps this elections most important question: will this year’s student council really deliver on its promises? Only time will tell.

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