At 8:30 on Friday, the 29th of August the 9th graders left for Veitsch, which is a town in Styria known for the Pilgrims Cross. The bus ride was two hours long and was extremely wild. We arrived in Veitsch at around 11:00 and then were assigned our rooms. There was a lot of fuss and drama about who was in which room in the beginning, but as time passed, people got over it and the issue faded away.

At 12:00  we went down for a lunch. After that, we left for a short hike up to Pilgrims Cross for about 15 minutes. There we divided in to groups for team building activities.The first was drumming, which was somehow supposed to show us that teamwork is important. We are still trying to figure that out. The second one was a group activity where we needed to work together to make what is called a Leonardo bridge. Many laughable attempts occurred before we finally built a successful bridge. The third activity was a huge spider web through which we had to pass on to another side. The tricky part was that once a person goes through a hole, it cannot be used again. The groups had some trouble getting through and they had to almost throw people over, but in the end everyone did it. The next activity was the ropes course, which was everyone’s favorite. It actually involved teamwork and it was enjoyable. After that we hiked back down to Veitsch. On the way down the teachers took us the wrong way, but they realized their mistake after five minutes and we turned around.

Having fun during the activities!

We then were given two hours to go swimming and relax in our room. But for the most part, it was an opportunity to socialize and bond. After we were stuffed with s’mores and exhausted from a long day. We all fell asleep right when our heads hit the pillow.

The next day was the big hiking day. You could choose if you wanted to do the long “real” hike or the easy  panoramic trail. Of course most of the people chose the easier hike. The panoramic trail wasn’t steep; for the most part it was easy and took about an hour and a half. At the top people took photos and ate their lunches. About 30 to 45 minutes later we had to form a symbol on a hill that symbolized us. We chose an exclamation mark. After about five minutes of frustration and chaos we finally got it right. The hike down was short, taking a few minutes. We waited at a restaurant for the summit hikers to get back down and once they arrived we got on the bus and went straight to the hostel. At 3:00 we left for Vienna and at 5:00 we arrived back at AISV. What a wonderful time!






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