AIS runs to raise funds for cancer research in the name of Terry Fox.

An excited buzz passed over the students on the bleachers, overlooking the starting line of red and yellow tape. Whether the excitement came from missing part of school, or participating in a good cause, we will never know. However, we do know that on Friday, April 12, AIS students wore their Canadian-themed-Terry-Fox hats proudly, as they embarked on the three kilometer course made in honor of athlete Terry Fox’s battle with cancer, and his run across Canada raising money for research.

400 of AIS’s students filled the course, and whether racing to the finish, or leisurely taking in the scenery of the vineyards, the run was a success, raising just over €1900 for cancer research in the name of Terry Fox.

Student coordinator, Alex Munteanu, was asked by the Terry Fox Foundation to write a testimony on what the Terry Fox Run means to him and what happened at AIS. Alex wrote, “I was first introduced to the Terry Fox Run when I was only in 2nd grade. I think that this was an important factor that made it have such a great impact on me. I was in Budapest and the run was held on an island. I ran along with my family the 5km course and when I finished I felt so motivated by Terry Fox’s story that I decided to run the course a second time making it a 10km run. From then on I participated in the Terry Fox Run every year…It was so amazing having the entire school community there with a single goal: raise money in Terry Fox’s name for cancer research…I hope that this run has impacted all the students and faculty in and hope that this is the first of many Runs to be held at AIS Vienna. Terry Fox’s story has proven to me that 1 person can make a difference.” Alex’s passion for the cause, and his perseverance shone through in his enthusiastic coordination of the event.

All 400 faces turned to Mr. Harrison, head of the Activities Department, as he explained the reason we were all gathered on the field; sadly, cancer unites all of us in some way. Too many of us have a sister, brother, or friend who has been burdened by the sickness. Some of us have lost someone to this disease.

IB English teacher, Mr. Duffy, enlightens, “I hope the students were proud to have done a small part in helping prevent this disease. And finally, though in no way do I wish to diminish the effect that cancer has had on so many others…I do hope the High School Community had a chance to think about the relationship they had with Mrs. MacMillan.”

As its students and faculty wound through the vineyards, a sea of red and white hats, AIS not only made a contribution to cancer research in honor of Terry Fox, but together we united in remembrance of loved ones, hoping to make a difference in someone’s life.

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